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          Raipur, September 16, 2008: Good news for corrupt officials and politicians of Chhattisgarh. Senior Congress leader Ram Chandra Singh Deo has decided not to contest the next assembly election.

          It was not that the corrupt people had put pressure on him not to contest but the honest face of the previous Ajit Jogi government said since he can’t distribute arrack or money in the likely November poll he was having a second thought whether to contest or not.

          Singh Deo is also not happy with the remarks of some of the MLAs and leaders of his party that his policies of strict fiscal management and honesty were responsible for the debacle of Congress in the December 2003 assembly election.

           “I am a simple man, who knows that much of politics how to get elected from the constituency,” said Singh Deo, who is known in Chhattisgarh as the Finance Minister of Jogi Government or economic expert but at the national level more known as an expert on water management.

            The political situation had changed over the years and now people are more and more attracted towards money and arrack than the real issues of development or commitment of the candidate for the constituency and its people, he told ChhattisgarhTopNews.Com from Kolkata.

            Secondly the condition of the state was not good and if Congress comes to power and he is made the Finance Minister than also he can’t manage things as corruption was at its peak in the state and the bureaucracy has been given an absolute free hand to run the show by the Raman Singh government, claimed the former Finance Minister.

            “Keeping all those things in mind, I am actually in a dilemma whether to contest the next election or not,” said the sitting MLA from Baikunthpur or Korea district.

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