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     Raipur, May 01, 2012: Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Dr Raman Singh today said he was ready to talk anywhere and in any forum to find a peaceful solution to the Maoist problem.

     After the Maoists and government interlocutors reached an agreement yesterday for the safe release of Sukma District Collector Alex V F Paul Menon V, the Chief Minister told all the mediators today for a peaceful solution to the Maoists issue, he was ready to talk in any forum and anywhere.

    “Even I am ready to go to Tadmetla alone to discuss the matter,” Singh said. Many of the top Maoist leaders are currently gathered at Tadmetla jungle, and in that area recently they had discussed with the Maoists interlocutors regarding the conditions to release Menon.

     When the 2006-batch IAS officer was on a tour of the Majhipara area in Sukma District on April 21 during Gram Suraj Abhiyan, he was confronted by the Maoists guerrilla and after exchange of fire, the civil servant was kidnapped by Maoists after killing both his body guards.

     The Chief Minister also hailed the agreement had between both the Maoists and state government interlocutors yesterday and said it was a historic step and would help in creating a peaceful atmosphere for development in the state.

     “This could be treated as a model for resolving the Maoists issue at the national level also,” Singh  told the Maoist appointed interlocutors Dr Brahma Dev Sharma and Prof G Haragopal and the state Government interlocutors Nirmala Buch and Suyogya Kumar Misra at the state secretariat.

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