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     Raipur, April 30, 2012: Following are the complete text of appeal made by Maoist interlocutors today to Naxals to release kidnapped Sukma District Collector Alex V F Paul Menon V.


     The mediators nominated by the Maoist Party have had discussions with Smt. Nirmala Buch, and Shri S.K. Misra after their meeting with the party. The Government agreed to the following points:

1.      The Government will constitute a High-Power Committee under the chairpersonship of Smt. Nirmala Buch with Chief Secretary and Director General of Police (DGP) of Chhattisgarh as members. This committee will review the cases of all prisoners who have been languishing in Chhattisgarh jails including the cases demanded by the Maoists party. The committee will review the cases periodically to expedite the disposal of maximum number of cases especially related to tribals.

2.      Relief will be provided in all cases of victims of Human Rights violations.

        Under the given circumstances, we as mediators feel that this was the agreement that could be worked out. We appeal to Maoist Party, Southern Regional Committee, Dandakaranya to consider this proposal favourably and ensure safe return of the Collector Alex Paul Menon,

whose spouse is in the family way.


Prof. G. Hargopal


Dr B.D. Sharma.

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