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     Raipur, November 18, 2008: Will senior BJP leader Brij Mohan Agrawal create a new record this time in Chhattisgarh Assembly Election?

     After winning the election in 1990, Brij Mohan has never looked back although that time he defeated his nearest rival and then sitting Congress MLA Swarup Chand Jain by a small margin of 2628 votes.

     He had never been defeated since then and it would be his fifth term as MLA and many people are seeing him even as the future Chief Minister.

     In Raman Singh government Brij Mohan was the senior most minister as in 1990 he became the Minister of state with independent charges for Local Governance, Tourism, Science and Technology and in Raman Government he had handled about a dozen portfolios.

    He was also the all time media favourite as he won the best Legislature award in 1997 and is also known in the house as a very good parliamentarian and a speaker.

    Congress has fielded a comparatively light weight Yogesh Tiwari for the Raipur South seat to take on Brij Mohan, but even Congressmen are not sure of their own victory.

     Brij Mohan had also been getting the support of all sections of the society, whether Muslim, Sindhi or Christians from minority or underprivileged section of the society like Odiya or other slum dwellers.

     However, both the parties are eagerly waiting for the outcome of tomorrow vote.

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