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     Raigarh, November 12, 2009: The bandh call against the employees of Jindal Steel and Power at Tamnar in Raigarh district was total today, in which people had openly expressed their anguish against the industry of the Congress NP Naveen Jindal.

     After the security staff of the Jindal had severely assaulted two advocates and some teachers yesterday at Tamnar, demanding stern action against the accused, the people and various organizations had called for a bandh today.

      The guards went on berserk over a trivial overtaking matter and assaulted two advocates and when some teachers tried to intervene in the matter they were also not spared by the staff of the Jindal, which created a sharp reaction among the people, reports reaching here said.

     The bandh was total, which was a clear reflection of the mood of the people.

     The situation is tense but under control, said Raigarh District Superintendent of police Rahul Sharma.

      Meanwhile, Lailunga Congress MLA Hridaya Ram Rathia has demanded arrest of the accused in the matter.

     Police said they have arrested four of the persons involved in that matter but the main accused was still at large.

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