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      Raipur, April 30, 2009: The BSNL today launched an innovative computer in Chhattisgarh with the joint venture of Novatium Solutions Private Limited.

     The BSNL Nova NetPC is a simple computing device, through which one can have hassle free experience in computing and internet, BSNL Chhattisgarh Chief General Manager Ramyagya told reporters here.

     “We have a vision of providing relevant, Simple and affordable computing for the next billion,” he said launching the BSNL Nova NetPC in the state.

      It had already been launched in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Orissa, where the services were getting a good response, the BSNL CGM said.

     The Nova NetPC can be used for both internet and Computing applications and supports Linux, Windows and Mac Operating Systems.

     The system can be purchased by paying an amount of Rs 2,999 plus tax and after attached with a monitor it can revolutionize the rural market, the officials said.

Temp Max and Min today at Raipur: 45.0C 29.4C, Bilaspur: 46.0C 25.4C, Ambikapur: 43.7C 24.8C, Jagdalpur: 41.2C 26.3C, Rajnandgaon: 44.0C 22.2C. **

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