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     Raipur, September 20, 2016: The main opposition Congress today branded the BJP Government in Chhattisgarh as anti-dalit, anti-tribal and appealed the NHRC Chairman to personally probe the custodial death incident of Janjgir-Champa district and issue appropriate direction to the state government.

     “There has been many fold increase in atrocities against dalit and tribals in Chhattisgarh. And the matter becomes serious when police and administration are found involved in such incidents,” Leader of Opposition T S Singhdeo in a letter to Chairman of the National Human Rights Commission Justice H L Dattu, said.

      There was no electricity in Sagarpara area of Mulmula police station in Janjgir-Champa district for a week, and when a dalit Satish Kumar Narange went to the electricity office and demanded restoration of power in his locality, on complaint of the electricity officials, he was arrested by the local police and assaulted severely in the police station, which could be evident from the visible injury marks on various parts of his body, Singhdeo said.

     Because of the police assault the dalit villager died on Saturday last, he said.

     While questioning the sensitivity of Chhattisgarh Police, Singhdeo said “Police did not stop there and when Satish started vomiting blood due to assault, his ten year old son, who was nearby, had been asked by police to sweep the floor to remove the blood vomit.”

     Previously also Meena Khalko of Chando Police station of Balrampur district was raped and killed and Madkam Hidme of Gompad village of Sukma district had the same fate and in both the cases involvement of police was established but no visible action had been taken against the accused, he said.

     Due to this incident, the dalit community was angry and various political parties have also resorted to agitation and called for bandh, Singhdeo said and appealed the NHRC Chairman to take cognizance of the law and order situation of the state, personally visit the victim and issue appropriate direction to the state.

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