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     Raipur, April 16, 2011: BJP National President Nitin Gadkari today said the country was feeling ashamed due to rampant corruption under the UPA rule.

     Taking on the Congress party after expose of several scams in the recent past, Gadkari questioned how Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh and Congress President Sonia Gandhi could say they were unaware of the corruption in various deals.

     Addressing a rally of the BJP against corruption under the Congress led UPA government at the Centre, the BJP President said ten lakh farmers have committed suicide and 50 lakh people were living under a condition of Rs 20 per day income in the country but the Centre was remained unmoved.

     Former BJP National President and former Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Rajnath Singh said the country was passing through a crisis because of the UPA rule.

     The Country was passing through a crisis, Singh said and appealed to the people to save the country from the crisis.

     He, however, said Chief Minister Dr Raman Singh and his government were doing good job and taking care of poor and farmers in Chhattisgarh.

     BJP General Secretary Dharmendra Pradhan asked why the Manmohan Government was hiding the names of the people, who have black money in foreign banks.

     Chief Minister Singh, addressing the rally said under UPA rule corruption and inflation have increased many folds but the Prime Minister did nothing on those fronts.

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