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     Bhilai, November 25, 2010: Eleven people have been arrested for killing two children to offer sacrifice during occult practice for acquiring good fortune in Durg district of Chhattisgarh, police said today.

    “Besides the entire family members of a witch doctor, six other persons have also been arrested yesterday in the industrial town of Bhilai for the double human sacrifice case,” Durg District Superintendent of Police Amit Kumar told ChhattisgarhTopNews.Com.

     “After the bloodied body of a two year old boy was recovered from the worship place of a house in Ruabandha area police digged the same room and recovered a skeleton remain of a six year old girl, who was also sacrificed by the witch doctor,” he said.

     When a two year old boy Chirag suddenly went missing on Tuesday afternoon while playing on the street in Ruabandha area, his family alerted police and on suspicion when police went to the house of the witch doctor, found blood stains in their worship room, police said.

    On interrogation, the witch doctor said he was not aware of the missing child of the neighbourhood and the blood stains were that of a goat, he had offered to the deity. But he failed to show the carcass of the goat he claimed to have offered, they said

     On suspicion, when police made physical verification found the body of the child buried and covered with a cloth in the worship room and subsequently arrested the witch doctor and his entire family, they said.

     After the body of the boy was recovered on Tuesday, locals complaints of occult practice by the witch doctor, because of which the entire house was digged by the police and from the worship room on Wednesday night the skeleton remain of the girl was also recovered, police said.

     The SP said the girl Manisha Sidar went missing on March 4 while playing on the street. In fact she was abducted from a nearby Kasardih area of the same Durg district and brought to the worship place where she was sacrificed on March 7 and the body was buried on the worship place and a trident was fixed above that as a part of concealment, he said.

     Both the bodies were buried in the worship room by the witch doctor, who had revealed to the police that he had sacrificed both the children to acquire “occult power and a good fortune,” the Police officer said.

     Eleven people have been arrested, including the entire five family members of the witch-doctor Under Section 120 B of Indian Penal Code (IPC) for Criminal conspiracy, Kidnapping in order to murder (IPC 364) and Murder (IPC 302), he said adding police was looking for couple of other people in that connection.

     The incident had created a tension in the area and looking into the situation, police had deployed additional forces in the area

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