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     Raipur, August 31, 2009: Chhattisgarh government today released comparatively a small amount of money for the repair and renewal of roads in the state when a large number of roads, including the National Highways, had totally been damaged in many parts of the state.

     A total of Rs 4.18 crore was today sanctioned by the Finance Department to repair, strengthen or construct 23 roads of the state, officials said here.

     Conditions of several of the roads are bad and needed urgent attention, but the Finance Department was not releasing sufficient money on that head, said sources in the Public Works Department.

     In fact the PWD Minister Brij Mohan Agrawal had even sought more money to repair roads but that was not yet been addressed, leaving the people to face a very uncomfortable condition.

     Even the condition of the roads leading to the residence of the Chief Minister and also that of the Speaker Dharam Lal Kaushik were very bad and needed attention, but the officials are yet to take a decision on that, the sources said.

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