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     Raipur, June 05, 2010: The monsoon will cover the entire southern and eastern India in the next two weeks, the Indian Meteorological Department said today.

     Monsoon would revive over Kerala and Karnataka by the weekend and the monsoon would cover the entire Southern and Eastern India in the next two week, IMD said.

     South-west monsoon normally sets in over Kerala around June 1. This year, in association with the strengthening and deepening of lower level westerlies and persistent widespread rainfall over the region, southwest monsoon advanced into most parts of South Arabian Sea, entire Kerala, south Tamil Nadu and some more parts of south-western states, West Bengal and Sikkim on June 2, A release from IMD said.

     However, the formation of cyclonic storm PHET caused a disruption in the flow pattern, resulting in a temporary stagnation in the further advance of monsoon over peninsular India, it said.

    The monsoon will advance after the temporary stagnation, the IMD said.

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