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     Raipur, September 29, 2015: Pakistani hackers today hacked the website of the Chhattisgarh Police headquarters.

     Pakistani flag was posted after hacking the website

     This was not the first time any Pakistani hackers have hacked any Indian site.

     Reacting to this Chhattisgarh Police today said they would have to improve security of their site to check such an incident to take place.

     Meanwhile, Chief Executive Officer of Chhattisgarh Infotech and Biotech Promotion Society (CHiPS) Saurav Kumar said the police site was a static site which was not updated for some time.

     It was a mistake that the website was not updated for some time, he said.

      However, the site was closed down after the hack, he said adding the hacking had not resulted in any loss to the site.

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