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     Korba, September 19, 2009: Chhattisgarh Police today revealed that some of the staff of the looted Union Bank in Korba are already facing police probe on charges of cheating to their customers.

     Some staff members of the Transport Nagar branch of the Union Bank had given the ATM card of one person to another customer and the wrong person had even withdrawn Rs 25 lakh from the account, without the knowledge of the actual account holder, top police officials told ChhattisgarhTopNews.Com here.

     When the account holder got to know about the withdrawal of money, he confronted the Branch Manager and not getting a satisfactory answer, lodged a complaint with the local police and the matter was under investigation against the bank staff also, the sources said.

     Meanwhile, when contacted Korba District Superintendent of Police Ratan Lal Dangi said a total of about Rs 10.40 Lakh were looted yesterday from the Union Bank transport Nagar Branch and not Rs 35 Lakh as claimed by the bank staff immediately after the incident.

    Fortunately, just half an hour before the incident, about Rs 40 lakh had been sent to the State Bank of India by the said bank, thus a good amount was saved from getting into the hand of the criminals, Dangi said.

     The SP also expressed surprise that the Bank was having about half a crore rupees in its chest, but was not having a siren to blow in case of emergency.

     About four persons came to the Union Bank yesterday during day time and took the people present their as hostages and after looting the money they went missing in the crowd in the motorcycles in which they had come to the bank.

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