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     Raigarh, September 6, 2009: Raigarh police has take n only eight hours to capture a person and recover from his possession about Rs 9.5 lakh, which were stolen from a known of the state DGP Vishwa Ranjan.

     Tracing the location through the mobile phone a Nepali servant was arrested and from his possession about Rs 9.5 lakh, which was allegedly stolen from the residence of Congress leader Sunil Ramdas Agrawal, were seized, said Raigarh SP Rahul Sharma.

     Agrawal had complaint to the Raigarh SP yesterday that their domestic servant Umesh Nepali had stolen Rs 9.5 lakh and a mobile phone from their residence.

     After Agrawal, a relative of state Health Minister Amar Agrawal, informed the SP, his son and a government contractor Sunil Agrawal had also lodged an FIR with the police at about 12.30 Hours.

     Quickly reacting to the situation, the SP had attempted to trace the location of the servant through his mobile and captured him near Nagpur yesterday when he was travelling in the Howrah-Mumbai Mail and from his possession recovered Rs 9,49,500.

     The money was said to be recovered within eight hours and the servant was being brought in from Nagpur via road, police said.

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