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     Raipur, April 30, 2013: Opposition Congress today accused the Raman Singh government of trying to hike the power tariff for the third time during its rule in Chhattisgarh, when last hike was only nine months ago.

     When Chhattisgarh has abundant coal and water, what was the point of increasing power tariff in the state, questioned Chhattisgarh Congress.

     The opposition also accused the Raman government of planning to increase the tariff of electricity for the third time, when last increase was about nine months ago and warned any increase in rate would not be tolerated.

      The Congress party, in a release, said the State Electricity Regulatory Authority has invited proposals or objection by May 20 after the regulator received a proposal from the state government to increase the tariff.

     “Because of large scale corruption and mismanagement by the BJP government the people of the state are deprived of cheap electricity,” Congress Spokesman Shushil Anand Shukla stated.

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