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    Raipur, October 11, 2015: Raman Ke Goth was today received good response as people from Sarguja to Bastar have asked questions to Chief Minister Dr Raman Singh.

     Today was the second episode of the Raman Ke Goth, which is being broadcast every second Sunday of a month from 10.45 AM to 11.00 AM. Raman Ke Goth was started on September 13, last.

     How to preserve the archaeological treasure was asked by a listener from Kanker District Dinesh Verma, where as Kamlesh Singh a listener from Ambikapur asked the Chief Minister to streamline the public transport system.

      Replying to the Kanker listener the Chief Minister assured him of protecting the archeological heritage of the state.

     Similarly replying to Kamlesh Singh of Ambikapur, the Chief Minister said along with construction of the roads of that area, there is a proposal to connect via rail line Jharkhand with Sarguja.

    Talking about prevailing drought situation of the state, the Chief Minister said on September 15 the cabinet had declared 93 tehsil drought hit and his government had taken several steps to provide relief to the farmers.

      Singh also talked about central schemes and appealed to the people of the state to take advantage of them.

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