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     Raipur, February 21, 2009: Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Dr Raman Singh and his entire government would spend about a week from February 23, in the rural sector of the state, where about 74 per cent of the total population is residing.

     “We have decided to interact with the farmers of the state from February 23 to 28 through functions, which have been termed as Kisan Mahotsav,” Chief Minister Singh told the CGTopNews.Com.

     These Kisan Mahotsav would be organized in through out the state during that period, he said.

     Over 80 per cent of the population is dependent on agriculture and the state BJP government was determined to change their life and strengthen their economic backbone through various means and through these Kisan Mahotsav the Government would tell them what have been done and what are on the pipeline for them, Singh said.

    Through these Mahotsav the beneficiaries of not only Rs 270 bonus per quintal to the farmers, but also that of the projects like free cycle under the Saraswati Cycle Scheme, land rights to forest dwellers would be distributed.

     The Chief Minister has also directed all the Ministers, party MLAs, MPs and the officials, including the District administrations to actively participate in the farmers’ functions and help in creating awareness among the villagers towards the programmes of the state government on agriculture, health and other major issues. 

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