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     Raigarh, January 7, 2016: Police suspected a human sacrifice incident in Raigarh district of Chhattisgarh after it recovered a beheaded body with some worship materials today.

      “A beheaded body was recovered today by the Raigarh police near the village of Gorkha,” Raigarh District Superintendent of Police Dr Sanjeev Shukla told

      ”The head of the body was also recovered from the nearby area along with some worship materials like incense sticks and wine bottle also,” said the police officer after visiting the spot.

      ”After the initial investigation we are suspecting it to be a case of human sacrifice,” Shukla said adding police was also probing the case as a murder also and giving it a colour of human sacrifice.

      ”During the search, we found the head of the body in the nearby area of  the scene of crime and a knife with blood stain, which is suspected to be used for the crime, have also been recovered” he said.

      ”The body is that of the 15 year-old-boy and has not yet been identified,” he said.

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