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     Raipur, July 27, 2010: Opposition Congress members today did not allow the house to transact normal business demanding immediate discussion on the stepped up naxal violence in the state, forcing the house to adjourn twice.

      The members of the main opposition did not allow the question hours to takes place as they kept on demanding with full lungs power to take up their adjournment motion on the naxal issue.

     When the house took up the question hour, leader of Opposition Ravindra Choubey raised the issue of stepped up naxal violence and demanded the house to take up their adjournment motion.

      The Congress members also refused to hear the argument of the Speaker that the question hour has its importance and hence let that be completed.

     Amid uproar the house was adjourned initially to bring peace but after the house reassembled the same scene continued because of which the house was adjourned for the second time, which completely took away the time of the question hour.

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