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     Raipur, May 19, 2014: Will Chhattisgarh get proper representation in the Central Government led by Narendra Modi?

     BJP state leadership is reluctant to talk on the issue, although state BJP President Vishnu Dev Sai is on the race.

     Considering Chhattisgarh politically insignificant, it was not given any prominent ministry ever since the state was created on November 1, 2000.

     However, there were many claimants for the post.

     Considering his tribal background  Vishnu Dev Sai might be inducted, but many are favouring Abhishek Singh, the first time MP from Rajnandgaon and son of Chief  Minister Dr Raman Singh.

     Interestingly many wanted Sai to be inducted into the Central cabinet so that they could become the state party president.

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