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     New Delhi, August 31, 2012:  The Press Information Bureau has launched mobile version of website,, to make its content easily accessible to mobile users.

     The URL of the mobile website is Mobile users who want the full functionality and display of the regular website can access it through the URL, PIB sources said here today.

     At present the mobile version displays only English content. In due course, Hindi and Urdu content of the main website would also be available on the mobile version, they said.

     The new mobile site has been customized in such a way that it displays the latest press releases on the home screen and offers links to other matter on the website.

     In addition, to make it open instantly in places where the internet connectivity is poor, the mobile site does not display the ‘heavy’ content such as photographs and videos on the homepage. When an alert is issued by PIB, e.g. regarding a press conference to be held soon, this supersedes all content.

     The regular website of PIB is highly content rich, with content in text as well as graphic and audio-visual formats. This makes the site a bit heavy for mobile phones and computers with poor internet connectivity. In addition, the small screen of mobile phones does not allow full display of the website as on a computer screen.

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