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     Raipur, September 10, 2015: Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Dr Raman Singh will be the first Chief Minister of the country, who would address people every month through All India Radio.

     On every second Sunday the “Raman Ke Goth” will be broadcast through the All India Radio, official sources said.

     Dr Raman Singh is the first Chief Minister to start such an endeavour to talk about the state, its culture, tradition, development and other issues.

     The talk show will be broadcast second Sunday of every month from 10.45 AM to 11 AM through the All India Radio, which is also known as Akashvani.

      The first episode of Raman Ke Goth would be on air on September 13 through all the stations of All India Radio of Chhattisgarh and also arrangements are being made to air that through the regional television channels also.

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