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     Raipur, March 07, 2010: Leader of Opposition in Lok Sabha Sushma Swaraj today clarified that the unity of the Congress and her party BJP was purely on issues.

     BJP and its partners wanted to pass the Women Reservation bill but during the NDA regime the Congress was not performing as a positive Opposition, Swaraj told a press conference with the state Chief Minister Dr Raman Singh here.

     However, the BJP was this time extended full support to the Congress for passage of the bill to reserve 33 per cent seats for women in Parliament, she said.

     Replying to a question about the nature of the alliance of the ruling and opposition parties at the Centre, she clarified that the current unity among both the political parties are on certain issues.

     On the issue of inflation all the opposition party and some alliance partner of the UPA came together to nail down the government and on a similar note there was unity among the Congress and BJP on the issue of women reservation bill, she said.

     The senior BJP leader also sought to take credit for the bill saying it was the original idea of BJP to introduce such legislation for reserving seats of women to empower them in the country as political empowerment was the ultimate empowerment, she added.

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