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     Korba, April 15, 2009: A complaint was today registered against the BJP candidate for Korba Karuna Shukla for violation of the model code of conduct.

     The Election Observer for Korba, Lalit Verma said Shukla had violated the model code of conduct by taking a press conference at the Korba Press Club as the Election Commission of India has clearly banned campaign of any sort by the candidates or their followers after 4 PM of April 14 when she had had a press conference at 6 PM that day.

     The Commission had clearly stated that the candidates can have door to door campaign and cannot take any public meeting, but that directive was ignored, Verma said.

     When local Congressmen got wind of the meeting they staged a picketing in front of the Press club yesterday and on information Verma also reached the spot when Shukla was in side the Press Club. Subsequently the Congress MLA Jai Singh Agrawal complaint to the Observer in writing and as a proof attached a CD of the press conference.

     The Observer said the Election Commission would take a final step on that matter.

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